QUESTION: If I want to exit from the company in which CeeNetwork recruited me for what is the process?

ANSWER:There would be an exit process/policy in place for every organization which would be stated clearly before starting the organization. Notice period should be given as stated in the company policy and proper exit process should be carried out.

QUESTION: Is it possible to update my information with you if I have applied for a job before?

ANSWER: Yes you can, by logging into your profile through our "Job Opportunities" page. Follow the link.

QUESTION: Do you have temporary job opportunities?

ANSWER: We sometimes have clients who request for temporary staff. At CeeNetwork we also have internship opportunities as well as temporary positions for specific projects.

QUESTION: Can I send my curriculum vitae though I do not fit into any of your current openings?

ANSWER: Yes, you can. We will have your curriculum vitae in our database for opportunities that come up in future.

QUESTION: What happens after I have submitted my application for a specific vacancy through your website?

ANSWER: Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an auto response that details the next step. If you are not contacted within two weeks, it means we do not currently have an opportunity that suits your profile and your Curriculum Vitae is now in our database.

QUESTION: Do you charge candidates whom you have successfully placed in a job position?

ANSWER: No, all charges are directed to the client not the candidate.

QUESTION: Do you charge job seekers any fee?

ANSWER: No, we do not

QUESTION: Why do you not disclose the client's identity during the recruitment and assessment stages?

ANSWER: We are bound by contractual agreement and as such cannot disclose certain information at these stages. However, we provide a brief description on who our client is and what they do. The identity of the client will be disclosed at the point when candidate is successful and will be meeting with the client.

QUESTION: How do I submit my CV?

ANSWER: Kindly follow the submit CV button to submit your CV on our database. If you are having challenges, please email CV to recruit@ceenetwork.org.

QUESTION: What industries do you cover?

ANSWER: We cut across all sectors in the economy.

QUESTION: What career level do you recruit for?

ANSWER: We specialize in getting the best talent for our clients and ourselves. We place positions from entry level to executive management level.

QUESTION: Is CeeNetwork purely a recruitment company?

ANSWER: Part of our core strength is to proffer talent solutions to organizations; therefore, recruitment is one of the services we offer. We are Human Resource Consultants; we seek to understand your business and needs before proffering solutions. Our other service offerings are Outsourcing, Training and Development, HR Process Design and Reengineering.

QUESTION: What is the estimated duration of your recruitment process?

ANSWER: The duration for recruitment and selection varies and depends on the level of the position. For more information kindly send an email to info@ceenetwork.org