CeeNetwork will add value to companies by providing them with services under the following human resource areas: Recruitment and Selection, People Development, HR Process Design and Reengineering and Outsourcing. These services can take the form of high-level retainer consulting, market research reports, or project-based consulting.

Recruitment and Selection

At CeeNetwork we provide an end to end recruitment and selection process to our clients and recognize the need to attract qualified and suitable candidate for vacancies. Our goal is to find the "right" people doing the 'right job' with the "right" company. We collaborate with our clients in searching for all cadres of employee. We also have well trained consultants in house to carry out executive searches.

Training and Development

Training and development is the field, which is concerned with organizational activity aimed at improving the performance of individuals and groups. In achieving company"s goals and objectives, it is important that people are continually developed and equipped with the requisite skills to function in their jobs. At CeeNetwork, our training programs fall into three different categories; our in-plant training programs, open classes and career development classes..

HR Process Design & Re-engineering

The "right" processes, structures and procedures help for smooth running of a business and form the bedrock for developing a team that is engaged and motivated. We, at CeeNetwork, work with our client in ensuring this is put in place for the successful actualization of the company"s strategic goals and objectives. We have expertise in setting up the HR structure for clients as well as reviewing the existing to ensure it can support the company"s business strategy. We are able to achieve this through collaboration with our client(s).

HR Outsourcing

The world has become "global" and companies are streamlining operations in order to reduce overheads as well as focus the other strategic aspects of the business. At CeeNetwork, our outsourcing model enables us elevate this aspect of the business off our clients through our outsourcing model. Our model operates in two folds; outsourcing of people â€" we search for and fill the required positions, we can also absorb existing staff. CeeNetwork then manages them. The second, is mostly designed for SMEs, were we partner with our client in setting up and managing their HR function on daily basis.

Our Advantages

At CeeNetwork we focus on businesses and people


Create value that impact our Clients profitability through their people



Improve performance of our Clients employees



Attract and retain our Clients talent pool